Our Experience

Professional references from customers, colleagues, and some of the finest people in the business (any business) we’ve worked with:

“It is a rare combination and wonderful experience to get to work with someone whose natural writing talents are exceeded only by his professional nature and, yes, kindness. Rick takes every deadline, every deliverable seriously, but he delivers them with a spirit and attitude that make him a delight to work with. I am, simply, a fan.”

Julie McDonald
VP Marketing at Aniden Interactive


“Finding Rick has been the single best investment I’ve made in FY14. He is eager to contribute and has become a pivotal member of our marketing team. Even with a procurement initiative to cut vendor costs, it was an easy sell to management to renew our engagement each quarter. Rick is easy to work with, provides excellent quality results, is consistently on-time with delivery and is very cost efficient — all providing great value to us! It is so difficult to find a technical writer, a outbound lead-gen writer, a creative team member and someone who understands our products all in one person — that person is Rick.”

Melissa French


“A recent writing project that I was working on required that I bring humor to the topic of cattle management on U.S. feedlots. I thought, instantly, of the stellar cartooning and illustration capabilities of Rick Jamison … and I am glad I did. In record time, Rick developed five of the freshest cartoon-illustrations any writer/publisher could hope for. You can see them at cartoons-by-rick-jamison/. But allow me to point out what set Rick apart from the “herd” when it came to hiring an illustrator for my web/kindle and print assignment. Rick knows – make that finesses – the art and tools of illustration. I was writing for the children’s audience, and asked Rick if he could make the images ‘whimsical-yet-educational’. “No problem,” he said. And in less than a week I discovered that a Wacom in Rick’s hands is better – and possibly faster – than Harry Potter’s wand. Rick’s output was creative-cartoon-genius finished to a fine art, and technically perfect for every form of publishing media I required. He translated my sketchy ideas into pictures worth thousands of words with the intuition of a seasoned storyteller and the honed visual accuracy of a master painter. Feedback and rework cycles were kept to “one” and took less than a day to implement. Hand-off was a simple email – move final work to a dropbox cloud – and we were done. I’ve left the first to the last, though not least. Good business practice – a clear statement of work, contract, creative schedule, etc. – sets the tone for any creative engagement. Doing business with Rick was a breeze, given his up-to-date knowledge of industry best practices (and pricing!). When you need an illustrator to bring your writing project to life, hire Rick … and enjoy the short-but-sweet journey to a stellar end-product.

Nancy (Renzullo) Fellingham
Nancy (Renzullo) Fellingham
Author, Marketing & Technical Communications


“When you think about the people you meet in life that inspire you with the type of creative, intelligence, and imagination they bring, then mix it with the highest level of marketing acumen one can achieve only through years of successful marketing campaigns, public relations and internet marketing skills, there are but a few. Rick Jamison is one of the few.

Rick consistently delivers solid marketing strategy, and his deep knowledge of Web 2.0, social media and Internet marketing sets him apart from his peers. I recommend Rick whole heartedly.”

Allan Linden
Sr Partner and Founder at Allan Linden Global Marketing Consultants


“Rick edited my book, “Acoustic Stories: Pickin’ for the Prez and Other Unamplified Tales.” About my experiences playing string bass in acoustic music groups, the book comprises 62,000 words.

He was excellent at both his micro and macro views of the document. For example, he advised me that an entire chapter should go. Cutting a whole chapter cuts an author’s ego, but in the end I saw that he was correct and made the cut. It is a better book for it.

He advised me when he thought chapters had to be extended. One such chapter told the story of a world-famous Martin guitar, but only to a certain point in history. Rick said that I had to trace the guitar’s provenance further, and again he was right. It is a better, more complete story for that addition.

He caught grammar and spelling errors, and suggested when paragraphs or sentences had to be shuffled, enlarged, or struck. Sometimes I pushed back against his suggested re-writes, both large and small. His replies to my pushbacks were always so tactful, and correct, that I usually agreed to his suggestions, I hope it is true to say.

I’m very glad Rick edited my book. His work was always high quality and always delivered on time. He did an excellent job.

Bill Amatneek
Bill Amatneek
String bassist and author of “Acoustic Stories: Pickin’ for the Prez and Other Unamplified Tales”


“I have known Rick for many years as part of my Corporate Marketing team at Synopsys, and more recently as a provider of marketing services at my current company – CloudShare. Rick has always been very creative, trustworthy, results oriented, enjoyable to work with. If you need a good writer, editor, content creator in all forms (written, PowerPoint, web, Video) – Rick is your man.”

Guri Stark
Guri Stark
President & CEO at CloudShare

“Rick is a unique individual with a tremendous amount of self-motivation. His corporate writing style is rare and highly valued in today’s world of quick text messages. He has the ability to draw out from people the most essential information and to capture it in prose that is understandable and easy to absorb…not an easy task in the technology world. He’s also got great organizational skills which allow him to juggle many projects at the same time. Above all else, though, Rick is just a fine and creative human being; the kind of person you like being around.”

Wendy Matthews
Marvell Semiconductor


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rick on a number of projects, most recently on the planning, structure and implementation of a series of executive level presentations. I find Rick to be knowledgeable, intuitive and very capable of driving complex projects to successful conclusions. I have frequently used Rick as a sounding board for issues that I’m working on and he continues to impress me with his insight and judgement.”

Tom Oliveri

“Rick has outstanding writing and editing skills as well as highly developed verbal and presentation skills, detail oriented, able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously Rick also has demonstrated strategic communications skills and is adept at handling and working with senior executives. He is an excellent communicator with proven skills in the use of multiple communications media, including intranet and video. Rick is very professional and is a real joy to work with.”

Madelyn Miller


“Rick is a strong leader who is always willing to tackle new challenges. Under his guidance, he brought critical Web 2.0 features to our Intranet, infusing new energy into our Employee Communications program. He established a highly successful video feature on our internal website, and took the initiative to learn video production software. He is a hands-on team player who consistently delivers above and beyond. His professionalism and good nature make him a perfect collaborator with high-level executives. Rick is always calm under pressure; it is a pleasure to work with him.”

Jennifer Tanabe


“Rick is a very skilled, effective marketing writer who always produces top-notch work. His work as editor of SynopsysWorld, as well as the marketing writing that he did for other Synopsys publications, was always very clear, articulate and exactly on point with our messages. Rick’s work is always delivered on time with high quality.”

Craig Cochran
ChipVision Design Systems

“I enjoy working with Rick. He is always open to new ideas and technologies to make SynopsysWorld a better employee communication tool. Information Technology is not always easy to work with, but Rick is patient and determined and gets better support because of his approach.”

Terri Walint Oropeza

“I have worked with Rick on many occasions and he has always delivered extremely creative and practical marketing and social media solutions that engage a wide array of subject matter, vision, as well as the defined scope of objectives and goals. Rick brings a wealth of professional integrity, experience, and relationships that continue to deliver. I highly recommend Mr. Jamison.”

Gary Gray


“Rick is a talented communicator who uses his excellent writing skills, creativity and dedication to manage a wide range of projects in a fast moving multimedia environment. The excellence of Synopsys marketing collateral is a direct reflection of Rick’s talent, skill and ability to see complex tasks through to completion.”

Mike Donlin
The Write Solution

“I have had the pleasure this summer of interning under Rick. As an intern, it can sometimes be easy to feel that what you are doing is small and insignificant to the company, but with Rick as my manager, this was not the case. Rick constantly encouraged me and praised everything I did. His feedback on my work never felt like criticism even when he was correcting me because he knows how to be honest without being hurtful. With his large amount of discernment, Rick can give a strong opinion without losing his kind disposition, and he is careful to considerer how everything he does will affect the company. Never once did Rick make me feel like I was interrupting him as he has an open door policy and is very good at listening. It was obvious that Rick had a desire to see me do well and learn as much as possible in my time at Synopsys. Rick is a great manager and an absolute delight to work for!”

Hannah Watanabe

“Rick is my word wizard. He inspires me to be a better writer and facilitator. Ideas can be thrown at him and he’ll respond with concise consolidations coupled with decision-making questions. In other words, Rick drives business objectives while allowing room for creativity. His talents for listening and building ideas make him a key player on our Social Media team, and I am happy to fully endorse Rick Jamison.”

Jason Vuong Do